Quality Control
Qualitative Control Practices:

-Any qualitative research is always and 100% fully reviewed by management.
-Our quantitative research always includes validation of a 30% sample size.
-We always practice standards set by ESOMAR, CASRO, CASRO and MSPA

- All new interviewers must do another compulsory training session to ensure adequacy.
-All project briefings include a compulsory attendance.

-We encourage and invite our clients to all training sessions so they can learn how to effectively interpret the analysis. We also
welcome all our clients to our field observation so we can teach our clients about the behavior of the target market

-We create field pilots on all our questionnaires and guidelines.
-We ensure 30% of all interviews are back-checked within 48 hours.
-Fieldwork is always handled by qualified professional field manager throughout the Asia-Pacific region
-Randomly selected data is validated by a respective field manager in Beijing for quality control

-Our Head project researcher is available to travel to respective countries where the data is collected

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