Industrial Related Research
Force Research has dealt with many projects involved with industrial related research. In the Chinese market, the most
popular industrial related areas are lubricants used in the automotive and compressor industry, polymers in polyamide hot
melt adhesives, polyamide ink, liquid reactive resins and alkyd resins, petroleum, titanium dioxide, polyurethane, components
used in semiconductors and factory automation and logistics.

The popular areas that most companies intend to do their industrial research on are China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. Force Research has conducted research projects in all of these locations.

The types of studies we perform are concept study, market segmentation, market share study, market entry study, strategy
planning, customer satisfaction and loyalty, brand awareness study, ad test, new production and introduction, end user trade, potential user study and U&A studies. Other options are also available via the request of the client.

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