Finance Research
The international financial sector has grown exponentially in China, which is why Force Research has dedicated a team to
dealing with this influential industry in China.

The types of study that are specific to this industry are advertising testing, product/service concept testing, usage and attitude,
new product development, credit card and smart card studies and in depth industry analysis in retail, commercial, corporate
and investment banking. Force Research has also added usage and attitude, corporate analysis, product development,
perception studies and industry attitudes to the securities and insurance department of this large industry.

We have also conducted independent studies on cash management, derivatives within the banking and insurance industry
through in depth interviews, focus group discussions, face to face and intercepts interviews.

Our experience in this industry includes new product testing, branch observation, distribution analysis, market segmentation
and media monitoring. We also performed analysis of industry trends in both the infrastructure of banking as well as detail
oriented customer service.

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