Business to Business Research
Force has been conducting business to business research since 1999 and since then it has exploded as one of the most
successful methods we use in conducting our market research. In the Beijing headquarters, we have a team of fully trained
B2B researchers and operational offices in six major cities: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang and Xian. With
this huge network off offices in the B2B research department, Force Research has an advantageous ability to collect
information from almost anywhere in China.

With over a decade of past experience behind us, our investigations into the business-to-business market includes a wide
range of industries, including automotive, chemical, financial, electronic and engineering products.

The rapidly changing consumer landscape in the fashion industry has caused many international firms to look for a marketing
research company who can evolve just as quickly as the demanding Chinese consumer. Our team is highly adaptable and
sensitive to changes in the marketplace so we can constantly acknowledge the market trends happening in China.

Our advantage lies in the long standing relationships amongst senior business leaders as well as government ministries. This
allows us access to published as well as unpublished information. When it comes to interviewing senior government officials for
trade policies and customs, Force research has a dedicated senior consulting team who are trained and specialized in these
technical and detailed issues. Our team ensures professionally conducted interviews even in the most complicated cases-
collecting the information you require.

Whenever possible, we use in-house staff to conduct all our interviews. In instances where we are unable to use our
Force Research team in house we will fly our operation and quality control personnel to the location on hand to provide
intensive training and supervision. We will also conduct briefings, pilot test the questionnaires and monitor the progress and
output of the interview. No detail gets left out when it comes to quality results.

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