Hamish Liu
Hamish has conducted a wide range of business-to-business and consulting studies and
he has a proven track record in IT, telecommunications and automotive research.
Hamish is also a highly qualified focus group moderator, having gained ample
moderating experience in a variety of product categories. He is well versed in the
most modern focus group techniques such as projective questioning.

Prior to founding Force Research, Hamish worked with world-renowned marketing research
companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and China. From more than a dozen years in the
profession, he has become very familiar with the diversity of customer behavior and
lifestyles in the region.

Being an accomplished linguist, Hamish speaks Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Hokkien
and has conversational Japanese skills. Hamish completed a postgraduate degree in
Business Administration at the University of Wales in the United Kingdom.

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