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Pull a Carpe Diem in China: A Research Office in Beijing

It’s not surprising that when somebody in America hears "business trip to China" they seem somewhat less than excited. The long plane ride, the unknown customs, the inconvenience and the jetlag are enough to deter anyone from packing their bags. Until now, business trip to Beijing for marketing companies who needed time to understand the market was inconvenient, burdensome and very ineffective. Many investors or consultants, even some CEO’s of large companies, find that they had a hard time adjusting to the culture shock once they arrive in China, especially when they need to spend a few weeks in China to properly analyze market trends for the booming Chinese consumer. 

Recently, Force Research conducted a research project that focused on finding a solution for foreign research firms who were hesitant to leave the comfort of their home, and who instead constantly opted for secondary research information. In this study, Force found their foreign customers referred dealing with a well established presence in the city because it gave them a sense of trust and security. Furthermore, the vast majority of our foreign customers indicated they were able to build a stronger connection with firms that were in China and a better relationship when the company is within driving distance. This is a stepping stone in international research behavior because it explains the necessity of travel for foreign research companies to collect primary information from the source. It seems that when introducing business abilities to China, a physical presence is your strongest ally to success. In addition to providing the security and confidence that our foreign customer desires, international business managers confide that it also provides more exposure in the Chinese market, thus making them more credible. They also felt that international companies who frequently travel, or better yet, have their own office, tend to be more experienced in handling, dealing and interacting with their Chinese counterparts, a huge advantage over the safe firms nestled back in their home country. Although many marketing research companies understand the value in going to China, many do not understand the significance or underestimate the power of a strong foundational presence in China.

Another factor driving the less than demanding flights to China is the technology in the 21st century which has made the various ways of communication easier and more convenient. It is now conventional to video conference your partner in Dubai as you work from your office in New York. Long gone are the days of human interaction and a firm handshake in this face paced work environment, but now Force Research has come up with a simple and realistic way that allows international firms to network by simply more than clicking. This method intends to fill a gap in business communication by creating genuine and worthwhile relationships in one of the fasting growing economies of the world. Taking into account all these observations, Force Research created a program that is designed to bring a second home to their international clients. Force understands that a company that successfully wants to conduct business in China will come to China but they also understand the annoying nuances that can accompany this. Thus, this sprouted the ingenuity behind Force’s simple concept, which has elements and special perks other than just building a strong foundation in China. One of the benefits that Force Research has in this unique program includes a local address and phone number with a personal receptionist to handle all their client’s mail and communication needs. Additionally Force ensures everything the international firm needs is well equipped with the latest technology including focus vision to conduct any research. The program’s aim is to help international firms manage their presence in China using a variety of methodologies, techniques and expertise. Besides the FGD facility and conferencing room, Force goes one step beyond to make their client’s stay a comfortable one. This includes airport pick up and drop off with assistance available to help clients with customs, immigration and security, a major nuisance for many foreign firms. Force Research also provides a luxury vehicle with a personal driver during your visit that will take you to anywhere in the city. Connections are established at St Regis and the JW Marriott hotel which provides a discount of more than 50% off the business and executive rooms and they also provide a temporary mobile phone to use during your duration of the trip. Other bonuses are complete applications and management of visas to China and a complimentary trip to the Great Wall, adding a hint of personal enjoyment and culture for their busy clients.

Force is helping to aid their international clients in doing long withstanding business with the world’s biggest economy with innovative passion. The Chinese marketplace is anticipating foreign companies to come and provide a new perspective on the China culture, but only through a genuine and sincere business relationship that includes human contact. Companies wishing to gain the popularity of the Chinese will have to start packing their bags. But with the help of Force Research, they will now be willing to pack their bags with new found excitement.

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