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The EBAY of China's Mystery Shopping Industry

Meet The revolution in mystery shopping that is 10 years ahead of it’s time and is sprouting from the powerhouse country of China. SMGK is a website named after its Chinese name that simply means ’Mystery Shopping’-Shen Mi Gu Ke that has devoted itself solely to cater to the mystery shopping industry. Starting just a few years ago, this Chinese based website boasts over 8000 trained mystery shoppers and has generated over a million hits and counting. SMGK focuses on using a web based approach to handle all mystery shopping needs for end user clients with international brands. This site is the only site of its kind in China to provide real time updates on all mystery shopping projects that are conducted. Additionally it provides continuous tracking on employee services, hardware and software between quarters and comparisons in each section of the mystery shopping project from year to year.

This small Chinese website has snowballed into a convenient and effective way of managing mystery shopping tasks for both the mystery shoppers as well as the end user clients. SMGK is innovative in that it focuses entirely on using the advantages of the internet to eliminate the middle men all across China. The beauty in this website is that is completely free so all costs associated with finding mystery shoppers through agents now disappear. With SMGK, it is now as easy as logging into Facebook to find out the latest in current projects happening across China, sorted by location and date. What’s more is that anybody can easily be a mystery shopper at no cost because the SMGK website provides online training and modules to help an ordinary person become qualified. Once this person signs up on the SMGK website, they can immediately start training and continue at their own pace until they have become a fully qualified mystery shopper. Once this takes places, the mystery shopper can customize and organize incoming projects from the end user client. There is also a notification system that alerts mystery shoppers when a new project has been posted on the SMGK website and the profile that the mystery shopper creates becomes a filter for incoming projects, focusing on what mystery shoppers enjoy. For example, a woman in her early 20’s may list that she enjoys shopping, is interested in cars and her past times include playing badminton and squash. SMGK will then prioritize these incoming projects so that this woman can complete projects related to her interests and hobbies. It is a great way to make extra cash for people with some spare time and SMGK has an advance technology system to prevent identity theft, making it almost impossible to ’cheat’ by having dual personalities and thus having a mystery shopper do the same project over and over again. The most important part for the mystery shopper is that it is free for them to login and see these upcoming projects so now mystery shoppers do not have to look in a million different places and search for a few dozen agents just to do simple mystery shopping task where agents usually take a huge cut from both the mystery shopper as well as the end user client.

The benefits are not just being reaped from the mystery shopper’s end. End user clients have the benefit of not paying out large sums of money to ask agents to look for mystery shoppers. This will reduce costs tremendously for the end users, not to mention the time saved in search of these agents to begin with. SMGK is advantageous for the end user clients because all they need to do is upload their projects onto the SMGK website and wait for their projects to be conducted. SMGK acts as a free platform between the mystery shopper and the end user in one single website. Both the end user client and the mystery shopper can now directly contact one another and the mystery shopper can upload their surveys anytime, anywhere. With SMGK’s added function of real time, this website can produce market trends, data analysis and much more with the completed projects that will get updated 24/7. Now the end user clients can visually see quarter by quarter the trends that occur each year. They also have the ability to organize this data by geographic location, on sections in their surveys as well as various groupings that suit their needs or that they want to know in particular.

Force Research-the marketing research company headquartered in Beijing who created SMGK also provides mystery shopping projects for international mystery shopping agencies using the resources found in SMGK. The projects can be conducted from anywhere in China and this is especially useful when the majority of people in 2nd or 3rd tier cities is non-English speaking-making it extremely difficult and close to impossible to recruit. Force Research will then use SMGK to help recruit the relevant mystery shoppers needed for the projects. Many international mystery shopping companies have already hopped on board this opportunity and are now constantly using this service for their quality brand customers. symbolizes a global vision to provide for every single player in the mystery shopping industry an easier and more convenient way to access information, to recruit mystery shoppers and to connect faster. This new way of looking at mystery shopping will help transition
and shape mystery shopping not just in China, but across the world.

This growing website has now become the only website of its kind to provide everything needed in the mystery shopping industry of China. Meeting SMGK may be the most useful website you have ever met.


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