Force Research collaborates and works with international and domestic companies looking for a personal guide through
the overwhelmingly diverse cultures and marketplace of China, Singapore, and Asia Pacific. Force is an ally for companies
seeking to connect with the locals all the while delivering a unique perspective on the respective market.

We recognize that in a foreign environment, conducting market research is difficult and stressful not only for company
representatives, but for company executives as well. It is often that the results obtained by international companies on
their own are riddled with communication, cultural and language errors. At Force Research, it is our pleasure to provide
quality research services and results that make sense to the international firm. We provide personalized client services
and insight to companies who wish to explore and invest in the Asia Pacific marketplace.

With Force Research, our focus and priority is to build a relationship with our client, to gain a partner in the ever
changing global marketplace. We never see you as another business deal, just another lasting partner. Since the
beginning, we have established many confidantes with international companies by actively engaging with them while
they study the effects of the complex consumer. Our understanding of different cultures embraces business
relationships to a whole new level. When you partner with Force, you gain more than caliber results; you gain a
lifelong friendship that accompanies you when you're back on the other side of the world. This makes doing business
in Asia Pacific easier and simpler in any future endeavors you may have-which is exactly what brought you to
Force to begin with.

Through our ever expanding exclusive research network-currently spanning 200 cities within China as well as Singapore
and other countries-we help you find your target market and make sure you have a successful venture in these
markets. Your ideas, goals and visions are what we work with when dealing with our affiliated partners across the
region so we can confidently deliver the results you are looking for.

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